Gain 1000’s of Real, Active, Engaged and Niche Targeted Followers for your Instagram account leveraging OUR POWERFUL GROWTH STRATEGIES!
To be simple and to the point: We get RESULTS others CANNOT.
We have many professional testimonials from brands/companies stating our service increases bottom line financials.
What we offer is a growth program to connect brands, companies, and public figures to the targeted consumers who would be interested in their goods or services.
The Best Way To Grow Your Instagram Following Organically - Fast

Put Arrow Integration To Work For You!
We are a very social bunch that loves Instagram, we love the power Instagram has in communicating with the world.
It might surprise you but we have reached over 5 million targeted individuals via Instagram in just the past few months. That's the power of Instagram.
Arrow Integration will help you connect to a wider audience on Instagram.
Grow organically increasing followers, engagement, and sales with our unique marketing techniques.
We encourage real Instagram users that actually like the content you post to follow you ensuring you have a strong and loyal follower base.
All you have to do is sign up and we will take care of the rest for you. Just sit back and relax as you watch your new followers flock to your account. 

Arrow Integration Are In Australia?
We are Aussie's so you can contact us knowing we are here in your timezone.
The person you speak with is the person looking after your account, with no overseas outsourcing and personalised attention from day one.
If you need an answer to a question, or looking for advice,
we are literally a phone call away.
New additions and strategies are always being added to our service.
We have great success with growth & engagement in Australia for our customers and can equally focus globally if you are looking to expand your brand's reach & social credibility.

Drive Engagement & Traffic
Get started, get optimised & get an amazing amount of growth & engagement with your account. Targeted Interaction with your business on Instagram is the best way to drive traffic organically. Join with us we are  proven to perform by hundreds of Instagram Influencers & businesses. 

The benefits of having a massive online following are countless. With Arrow Integration we will help you grow your follower base organically. This will allow you to easily spread your message about your lifestyle, brand, product, or cause without having to spend money on expensive ad campaigns.

It is not just about the amount of likes you receive, the real power is in the number of real and meaningful engagements that your business & brand receive. If you have a strong and engaged following the greater chance you have of reaching the Explore page and maximising the reach of Instagram.


Our Active Customers
See Massive Growth

Customers who work closely with us and are active in creating engaging content for their posts, will see a huge improvement not only in growth but in engagement which is so important for credibility, sales and reaching the Explore page.
We have extensive experience in Instagram growth strategies and we are ready to help you meet and exceed your growth and engagement objectives.

We Deliver Results
The Arrow Integration team have been working in the social media industry for over 15+ years with hundreds of accounts.  
We have the knowledge on safe & organic ways to best grow your audience and business on Instagram.
Utilising our strategies you can save the time & money of going through the trial and error to find the audience that resonates with your Instagram page.
What we offer is a growth program to connect brands, companies, and public figures to the targeted consumers who would be interested in their goods or services.
Our main goal is to lift the bottom line financials of your business with proven and effective targeted marketing.

Full Support From A Bunch Who Care

We always have your back with the best support in the industry.
Arrow Integration started by looking to make a huge difference in not only peoples lives but also in their business lives.
We view our clients as friends and love to help ensure the growth of your business and achieve the goals you are striving for.

Arrow Integration are always on standby to ensure that your growth campaign is a success. We are based in Australia and you can reach us in live time, no waiting for overseas consultants to get back to you. No lag time means greater efficiency and proper one on one customer service.

We constantly update our service with frequently added advice & tips to help your Instagram grow in conjunction with our service.
You can also reach us directly via e-mail 7 days a week and we are also available directly via mobile. Call Mick on 0410 503 130 or Scott on 0435 156 204 or email us
The Arrow Integration team will always respond to you, so if you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to reach out to us as we are happy to assist you.


Jet Pilot (Action Sports Brand)

Pumped to see the power of you have given our brand, results are crushing it!!! Stoked

AMANDA ALLEN (2 x World CrossFit Champion)
I wanted to grow my brand and gain sales online and Arrow Integration has done just that, plus more.Sales have grown to a level I never experienced before, with my brand now recognised as a leader in my industry. My following has grown exponentially and there is no way I could have done this myself (way to busy). People need to see what I have to offer outside of Byron Bay and social is the only way. Thank you Mick and Scott.

I new the benefits of Instagram and started with it in 2015 by the end of 2016 I had 500 followers, I engaged the services of Arrow Integration and in 6 months my brand awareness grew to a targeted audience of over 11,000 with high converting sales. I Highly recommend these guys. 

Frequently Asked Questions
What is your Instagram Marketing and how will it benefit me or my business?
Arrow Integration is a social media marketing company with an extensive focus on the lucrative Instagram platform. In the simplest form, we help public figures/brands/businesses generate more growth through an organic increase in impressions, reach, engagements, website traffic, and sales.
What niches will this work for?
We work with any niche you can think of. We even have results and analytics from these niches. A few for example include: real estate, public figures, chiropractors, boutiques, clothing lines, photographers, adventure, sports, fitness, comedy, mlm networking, roofing, entreprenuerial, social media, credit card merchants, and SO many others.
Are your followers real in your growth packages?
Yes,100%. We do not send you anyone other than accounts in your target niche or location. We hate fake Middle Eastern, gamer, & spambot accounts just as much as you do. 
What are your average gains on your growth services?
On poor quality accounts: 20-50 daily. On average accounts: 60-150 daily. On excellent accounts: we have seen gains up to 200-500 daily. 
Can you whitelist my following so I do not unfollow all my friends?
Yes. We can whitelist all or even partial followings within our setup process. You will not lose friends or important followers.
Will my personal information be safe?
Your Instagram account is connected to YOUR email and phone number. Therefore absolutely NO ONE can change your password without Instagram first alerting and asking you for permission. 
Is there a contract with Arrow Integration?
Not at all, you can cancel anytime you'd like. We make life easier on businesses by making the campaigns recurring, to cancel simply contact us. 
How do I get started with Arrow Integration?
Simply click on the link below to get moving and choose the package that will best suit your needs. If you have any questions please contact us directly Scott on 0435156 204 or Mick on 0410 503 130 or email and we will happily answer them for you.

Start building your Instagram audience organically - Join Arrow Integration!
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